Wild Diva
a division of Legend Footwear Inc.

Wild Diva Lounge collections are developed and designed by its parent company, Legend Footwear Inc. Legend Footwear Inc. is well-known for its keen sense of European fashion, high standards and fashionable top quality products. We are the current leading supplier in the fashion footwear industry in the United States, and offer only the newest, freshest designs that consumers demand all over the world.

Wild Diva Lounge collection is well-known and extremely popular in many countries in the world such like countries in South and Central America (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Brazil, Suriname, Columbia, Equador, Purto Rico...), United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Germany,... and many more. Our development staff is constantly discovering the next hot fashion trend, and our support staff cares only about your interests. At Legend footwear inc., we strive to offer only the best quality products with the high end fashion, and the best quality partnerships and services.

Please note, we only offer wholesale service and we only sell by cases, not by pairs.